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Delhi had been home to the Mughal emperors and still, the city bears the imprints. The capital of India, it bats of having architecture from different eras. Visiting New Delhi requires, therefore, a little bit of preparation. Here are our suggestions. Hope they help you plan your best itinerary.

A visit to Delhi is incomplete if you do not go old Delhi. In Old Delhi, there is Jama Masjid. This is the biggest mosque in India and has the enormous capacity of housing 12,000 people. Besides, Jama Masjid, you will get to see The Red Fort. This giant fort which used to be home to Mughal emperors is two kilometers in length. Treat yourself to the light and sound show which will take you to a different era altogether. Give a chance to the foodie in you and eat at Karim’s or Al Jawahar near Jama Masjid. These places make authentic Mughal cuisine and of course, a trip is never over if you don’t try the native food. What’s more is that you can go shopping in the legendary Chandni Chowk. This market, as the name suggests, used to take place only on moonlit nights. But now, stripped of its historical magnificence, this narrow, crumbling and extremely crowded streets will give you a feel of Old Delhi as opposed to the planned, wide lanes of rest of Delhi.

Visit Lodi Gardens and the Humayun’s Tomb if you are going to New Delhi. Lodi Gardens is the legendary grand garden from Mughal times. This garden is as big as you can imagine. There are some ruins also that have survived the march of time. The lovely waterways inside the garden, the chirping birds, and the green passages will take you to the majestic Mughal times. After your Lodi Garden’s visit, go to Humayun’s Tomb which is situated at a stone’s throw distance from here. In this Taj Mahal lookalike Mughal Paradise, you can sit down and chat or play cards with your friends and family. This helps you spend some unique leisure time.

Last but not least, Qutub Minar, the talent brick minaret in the world which is placed on the southern side of Delhi, stands a testimony to the Mughal prosperity and taste for aesthetics. Read the history written on the plinths and run your eyes over the ruins spread around the place to know more about Mughal days.

Finally, go to India Gate. From there you can have a glimpse of the Parliament. A little far off is the Connaught Place. These are the places which bear marks of British times. Wrap up in style with a trip to Raj Ghat where the memorial of Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation is built.

So, book your tickets and plan a trip to New Delhi where the old and the new, the Mughal, the British and the Indian culture has commingled and gave rise to what is now known to be modern Delhi.

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