Q) How can I make a reservation for my trip online?

A) You can make it on our website or call us directly at 1-844-312-3588. Hope you get all your answers without any hassle.

Q) Can I make a reservation over the phone call?

A) Yes, you may get unpublished deals if you call us for booking a flight. So, you can make a reservation over a phone call.

Q) If I want to make reservations for going in/out of multiple cities, then what should I do?

A) You can book Multi-city trips on our website, however, if you want an easier solution than you can call us on 1-844-312-3588 and we'll be happy to help you.

Q) Do you include the taxes in the ticket fare?

A) Yes. The taxes would be included when we will be giving you the total billed amount to be paid as your fare.

Q) How will I come to know about the issuance of my ticket?

A) You will receive an email with your confirmation number. If you do not get any email from us within 24 hours of booking the flight, please feel free to call us on 1-844-312-3588 and we will be glad to assist you.

Q) Do I need to book the tickets for the infants or not?

A) Yes, you need to give us the name of the infants at the time of booking the flight so that we can add the infant to the reservation by paying some applicable taxes.

Q) Is there any requirement for reconfirming the flight?

A) Yes, it is advised to reconfirm your flight within 24 hrs of departure. It would be great if you could do that. That will keep the things in greater clarity.

Q) I have already booked the ticket, but I want to change the date and time of the travel, how will I do it?

A) You have to call us on 1-844-312-3588 and we will be more than happy to help you. Our helpline people are really efficient and will get back to you in no time.

Q) How will I cancel my ticket?

A) You have 24 hours to cancel your flight from the time of booking. After that most of the tickets are non-refundable with an exception of international flights governed by the airline rules.

Q) Will I get any refund after canceling my ticket?

A) Yes. If it's done within 24 hours and you have not been booked with a low-cost carrier (LCC).

Q) I have already made an online reservation, but it is not confirmed yet, what should I do?

A) Call us on 1-844-312-3588 and we will be delighted to help you. Our helpline people are extremely efficient and knowledgeable. They will resolve your issues without any hassle.

Q) Will you accept payment from credit cards?

A) Yes, all type of credit cards inclusive of Visa, Master, Discover, and Amex are accepted. If you have any further query, please call us on 1-844-312-3588.

Q) Is it possible to make a reservation first and pay later?

A) No. Although we can hold reservations for 24 hours, but as the prices are subject to change so we cannot guarantee the same fare. If you still have queries, you can call us on 1-844-312-3588.

Q) Do you provide any facility to pay for someone else?

A) Yes, we accept third party bookings but we would need the photo ID proof of the card holder. Once we do the verification from our end, we will go ahead and get the tickets issued.

Q) Are there any group discounts on your site?

A) Call us for a group discount on 1-844-312-3588 and our sales executives will be happy to help you.

Q) What will happen if unfortunately, I have missed my flight?

A) Unfortunately, the amount is forfeited if you happen to miss the flight. So you will stand to lose the bucks there.

Q) I am not clear about the baggage allowances, what all rules does it include?

A) Please check baggage policy link on our website or call the airlines with which you are traveling for most updated baggage fees.

Q) How long should I wait after applying for a refund on a refundable ticket?

A) Usually, you would be able to get the refund back to the same account within 3-4 weeks. In some exceptional cases, the refund might take 7-8 weeks to show up in your account.

Q) While traveling, whom should I contact for help?

A) You can always call us for additional help such as transportation, hotels, tour guide. The helpline number is 1-844-312-3588.

Q) The schedule of my itinerary has changed, will I get a new ticket for my new flights?

A) No. In most of the cases, the same e-tickets work. If there is a need to get the tickets re-issued due to a major schedule change, we will get the tickets re-issued on our own and send them to you. Please call us on 1-844-312-3588 for any further clarification.

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